Live Chat Events

Selected candidates can be invited to dedicated Live Chat sessions.

Live Chat Events can be organised at any time: during talent attraction, assessment centre and interview phases, all the way to on-boarding and beyond

  • Invite candidates to discuss with several employees at once in dedicated sessions
  • Conversations are available for future candidates to see
  • Public or private: decide whether you want the session to be available to everyone or just a select few
45+ candidates and 30+ discussions per session, viewed 10,000+ times (average)

The interface allows you to see which employees are online and what questions candidates have asked.

Candidate feedback

The Live Chat Events have been rated an average of 4.7/5 for usefulness by candidates across all clients

Anonymous candidate feedback:

- "Thank you, I feel like I've met the trainees :)"

- "This was so useful for developing my understanding of the firm!"

- "I got the answers to my questions but also saw other people's questions that I would've never thought of - very useful!"