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Put yourself ahead of the pack in the race to capture the hearts and minds of prospective students. Our discussion platform lets your students share authentic stories that grab – and keep – the attention of the very best of the year’s intake.

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What’s so great about Applicant Engagement?

Your current students can paint a picture of university life that applicants can see themselves in. Their authentic stories are so much more stirring than dry university facts or statistics.

Student stories and searchable discussions help you attract and convert the best and highest paying students, amplify your brand, and meet broader targets such as those for overseas students and diversity.

Why PathMotion?

Our discussion platform brings your students and our data intelligence together to create powerful and memorable interactions for your applicants. And with inspiration taken from social media, it’s familiar, fun, and intuitive to use.


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“Students recognise that, whereas in the past universities were selecting students, it’s almost the reverse of that now”

— Bill Rammell, Vice-Chancellor, Bedfordshire University

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