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The NHS Leadership Academy‘s mission is to develop leaders in order to improve the health of the people and their
experience at the NHS.

The Graduate Management Schemes on offer are hugely competitive, receiving approximately 15,000 applications every year for its 100 places.

The objective of the NHS with the PathMotion platform is to be able to attract the most talented candidates whilst not increasing the number of applications received, all while controlling costs.


The NHS launched PathMotion’s Career Inspiration platform on Facebook in late 2012, allowing candidates to pose questions online directly to employees 24/7. All discussions between Insiders and candidates are published online and available for others to read. As well as the ability to see current content, candidates can search for Insiders with similar backgrounds to start their own discussion.

The NHS now organise Live Chat Events at key stages of the application process (e.g. attraction, interview help, on- boarding). These scheduled online sessions allow candidates and Insiders to have instant back-and-forth interaction. All content that is generated is automatically sorted and searchable for future use.

ResultsPlatform stats

  • 80% of hires used the platform (and 80% would recommend it to future applicants)
  • 60% of hires in 2015 joined a PathMotion Live Chat (55% joined an on-boarding chat)
  • 130 Discussions in the last 12 months
  • 618,000+ total Discussion views
  • 17,000+ views on the most popular Discussion

The most frequently asked questions revolve around Application Advice.

80% of hired applicants would recommend the platform to future applicants (Independent NHS survey).

The post-Live Chat survey showed an average score of 4.70 / 5 in terms of satisfaction.

“Through the stories of real-life people the platform gives candidates a unique way to
understand the culture of the NHS and make an informed decision on their application”

— Rob Farace, National Recruiting Manager at the NHS Leadership Academy

The Human Resources department are noticing that the calibre of candidates is increasing but the number of applicants per year is staying relatively constant. Offer holders are now more likely to accept a position on the scheme.

Candidate feedback

Feedback left by candidates detailing what they like best about the platforms:

“Getting the viewpoint from actual trainees was so cool!”

“Having the chance to ask the graduates questions directly. I believe they are in the best position to answer the questions”

“The fact that we got an insight from people already on the scheme, who also clarified certain aspects and offered additional information and advice

“Other candidates questions, that I may not have thought of myself!

“Being able to obtain hands-on information and constructive tips from experienced individuals

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