Convincing the right talent  to join your organisation is a key challenge that we have taken on. We believe that current employees are best placed to help organisations achieve this objective. This is why we have developed the Career Inspiration platform: it puts the employees, an organisation’s biggest asset, in direct contact with candidates, placing them in the centre of the employer brand.


No one is better placed to describe what a job involves than those who are working in it on a daily basis. We believe that employees are the best representation of a company’s culture, aims and beliefs, and can create a sense of proximity with candidates by sharing their knowledge and tips about their companies. This is why we offer organisations a comprehensive platform – on Facebook or on a regular website – where their employees can have efficient and impactful discussions with prospective candidates during the recruitment process, for example:

  • Candidates can ask employees questions at any time through the platform as well as during dedicated Live Chat Events
  • This creates a bank of conversations, which are then accessible for all other job candidates to see
  • Employees can respond from their desks, making more efficient use of their time

We are a passionate team with big ideas for shaping social media recruitment and have a wide experience in launching innovative products in the market. We love innovation, we are continuously improving and adapting our product to meet our clients’ and users’ needs.

Our clients include large and small organisations across all sectors and markets, which all have the same passion for trusting their employees to engage with new candidates to inspire them to join their firm.