Pinsent Masons

  • Through discussions with employees, PathMotion allows candidates to understand the culture at the NHS and to convince the right applicants to join our scheme.

    Robert Farace, Senior Programme Lead, NHS Leadership Academy

  • Allows us to interact with candidates all over the globe when it’s right for them, but also brings down the barriers and makes our organisation seem more open

    Emma Britton, Campus Relationship Manager, Citi Group

  • PathMotion enables real conversations between employees and talent, it really helps organisations bring their employer brand to life in a meaningful, authentic and compelling way

    Paul Harrison, Social Technology Expert, Carve Consulting

  • Through the Live Chats, future interns gained valuable insights directly from our employees, enabling them to better prepare for their placements and maximise their chances of securing a full-time role at the firm!

    Edward Walker, Graduate Recruitment Manager, Pinsent Masons

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