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Olivia G.

Risk Management Analyst: Geneva

Form Madrid to Geneva

About Olivia
Flavie B.

Corporate Banking Associate: London

Fantastic learning experience as part of a strong and supportive team.

About Flavie
Andy T.

Regional Visual Manager

Launching new business initiatives in one of our flagship stores

About Andy
Lev K.

Consumer Banking Analyst

From professional athletics to a career in banking

About Lev
Tim D.

Risk Management Assistant Vice Presisdent: London

The diversity of people and the work

About Tim
Molly D.

Private Banking Analyst: London

Obtained Economics Degree to start my career in finance.

About Molly
Kirstie S.

Programme Lead

The future of the NHS (aren't we all) GMTS Alumni

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Sarah B.

Markets & Securities Services Associate: London (Sales)

A degree in Economics, experience in Spanish PR and I ended in finance

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Lorenzo M.

Corporate Banking Analyst: Madrid

Being involved in some deals in which I worked directly with seniors

About Lorenzo
Jonathan G.

Corporate Banking Analyst: London

I work in a dynamic environment and am never bored

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Andreas K.

Corporate Banking Analyst: London

Helping the worlds largest corporates grow and develop

About Andreas
Mincho P.

Technology Analyst: London

The dynamics and the challenges

About Mincho